At Framis we give great importance to the growth of "our people" because it is equivalent to the growth of all of us and of our company.

The attention we pay to our employees starts from the selection process experience, which is focused not only on the soft and hard skills of the candidate but also on the alignment with our values and our mission, thus guaranteeing targeted and consistent placements. The process continues with precise and accurate induction plans, a clear and evolving internal path, training and attention to communication at all levels.

The people we choose are technically prepared, passionate, open to the international dimension, innovative and proactive, autonomous and able to face the most challenging changes!

In order to look for and find them, we carry out a standardized but flexible selection process, which puts the candidate and his qualities in the first place!


We publish our ads directly on the main recruitment channels, we screen resumes internally and, if they meet the search criteria, we contact the candidates for an introductory call.

If the interest is mutual, we schedule a first interview with one of our recruiters and a Framis collaborator in order to assess the candidate’s motivation and relational and technical skills. We believe that the selection process is not a one-way process but a mutual choice. In order to "choose each other", both parties must have the opportunity to access the right information and this is why our candidates can satisfy all their curiosities during this meeting!

If the feedback is positive, we schedule a second in-depth interview and presentation to the responsible manager and then to the owners and... if the expectations of the company and the candidate are aligned: WELCOME TO FRAMIS!

We are committed to giving feedback via email or phone from the first interview onwards, agreeing with the candidate on the timing of return and in any case keeping the resume in the company database (until the deadline established by GDPR 679/2016) for future opportunities more in line with the skills, experience and expectations of the candidate.

(Depending on the profile sought, we also use psycho-aptitude questionnaires or individual exercises).


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